Whittard Sleepy Tea 20 Envelope Teabags

Whittard Sleepy Tea 20 Envelope Teabags

Zzzzzz... That's the sound of one of our tasters after a cup of Sleepy Tea (to be fair, it had been a long day at the office). We've blended soothing camomile and lavender with the subtle freshness of linden flowers, creating an infusion for our individually wrapped teabags that's deliciously mellow with a hint of sweetness.

With the long-reputed calming effects of camomile and lavender, it's the perfect lullaby after a busy day.
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• Tea type:  Herbal infusion

• Number of servings (using 1 teabag per cup): 20 teabags = 20 cups


Camomile 32%, Linden Flowers 23%, Elderflower 20%, Liquorice 10%, Marigold Flowers 10%, Lavender Flowers 5%.

Contains Liquorice: people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.